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"Horizon 2020"

European Community




Western Europe and USA

• Lung, colon, ovary cancers new cases/ year: 700.000


• Tumors expressing Trop-2: 500.000


• Health services reimbursements: 30.000 €/ patient


• Target total sales: 15 billion €/ year


Example: Herceptin 7 billion € / year

  • Arius Biotech has been bought by Roche. Oncoxx antibodies shown superior to Arius antibodies in preclinical models. Roche has dropped efficacy tests on Arius antibodies because of inadequate performance

  • Livtech: later filing date (priority date 17may2010; european patent filed on the 17th may 2011; Oncoxx Biotech PCT filed on the 5th feb. 2009). No anti-cancer antibody synergy

  • Immunomedics - hRS7: no activity if not bound to toxins

  • Rinat-Pfizer Patent WO 2013/068946: later filing date versus Oncoxx (priority data 30apr2012; PCT filed on the 7th nov. 2012). No anti-cancer antibody synergy

  • Unsuitable antibodies (mixed light chains):

    • T16 public; hT16 Patent WO 98/12227

    • RS7 Patents WO03/074566, US2004/001825, US2007/212350 e US2008/131363

    • 162-46.2 Public




  • Leadership in the field of Trop-2 research

  • Unique know-how on the molecule

  • Proprietary anti-Trop-2 antibodies

  • Major collaborators network

  • Two strategic US-approved PCT (WO 2010/035304; WO 2010/089782); two pending PCT

  • Efficacy in preclinical models

  • Advanced stage of research

  • Regulatory activity planning


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