develop new therapies for cancer and related diagnostics,

follow-up the onset of the disease, check the efficacy of the treatment


Oncoxx Biotech S.r.l is a Cancer Biotech Company founded in 2012 as partnership between Chieti University Research Center and private entrepreneurs.

  • Business context: the cost of developing a new drug is 1 billion $, in a time frame of 15 years

  • Oncoxx Biotech is competitive in the development of novel anti-cancer drugs

  • Oncoxx Biotech academic settings allow competitive R&D and clinical experimentation costs   

  • Oncoxx Biotech has already generated two new anti-Trop-2 monoclonal antibodies as anti-cancer agents

  • Antibodies are efficient against cancer


Prof Saverio Alberti, President & CEO

Saverio Alberti

President, CEO

Oncoxx Unit of Cancer Patology


Chieti University Oncological Patology Researcher,

  • Emanuela Guerra

  • Valeria Relli

  • Antonella D’ Amore

  • Chiara Pedicone

  • Valentina Lucchini



  • Marco Trerotola

  • Rossano Lattanzio

  • Mauro Piantelli