Abruzzo Theranostics (AT) is a newly founded SME, enrolling all toprepresentatives of medical and experimental oncology c/o the University of Chieti, and with key IP assets, such asthe PCT filings WO2016087651 A1 and PCT/EP2016/025148.


Mission of AT is to synergize with Oncoxx, toextend its activities and value at a global scale as an independentSME.


According to the AT mission, such IP assets will be used tovalorize Oncoxx activities also beyond EU, key market targets beingthe US and China.



Abruzzo theranostic.jpg

To this end, a top-level firm, Liberi Life Science Consultancy BV (, has been contracted in December 2016. Liberi CEO, Frans Trouven, has already undertaken extensive networking and company presentation activities at the JP Morgan 35th Annual Healthcare Conference, 9-12 jan 2017, San Francisco, the most important yearly investor meeting in the world ( This has already resulted in key outcomes for Oncoxx and AT, and contacts with Chinese and US investors, with the aim to provide high-level oncological services in the clinical domain.


The company gathers some of the best oncologists from the southern Italy.
One of the main expertise of the company is related with the scientific supervision of the I, II and IIIrd stage clinical trials with reference to both diagnostics and human cancer therapeutics.

The company relies on the facilities and cutting-edge equipment provided by the University of Chieti.